Argyle FoxTM

Build and manage any web experience imaginable.

Argyle FoxTM is custom made content management. End users enjoy its effortless interface.  Resellers appreciate its agile maintenance support.  Developers crave its power. Argyle FoxTM websites deploy rapidly and engage cleverly because, well, you deserve it.

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Administrator-controlled access to your documents for 1 to 10,000+ employees – in one place.

Re:vueTM is powerful file management through your own white labelled app. Upload, browse, and manage all of your files and users in one place.  Available through CMS and as a companion iOS app. No one views, prints or shares your files without your go ahead. Retain complete control over your organization because confidence is invaluable. 

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Manage winning projects in one place.

RAMTM is project victory, available as an add-on module for Argyle FoxTM subscribers. Keep track of your project deliverables, timelines, hours and expenses within your CMS.  Manage entire projects in one place. Pull reports on any project component straight from the system.  Keep it simple and relieve unnecessary project stress.  



Preserve and protect your corporate jewels.

AriesTM is intelligence conservation, available as an add-on module for Argyle FoxTM subscribers. Preserve and make the corporate jewels of your organization—such as key contacts, protocol, procedure, standards, onboard, training, sharing, developing and other intelligence—accessible through your website.  Lock up important, confidential intelligence with password protected web pages, user registry and editing access controls.  Don't let your corporate jewels disappear.

Brand Telegraphy®

Transmit the right signals.

Brand Telegraphy® is brand morse code.  Discover your brand communication system.  Define, visualize and articulate your brand to resonate with the right receiver and reach the right bearings.  

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Brand Telegraphy® is a formalized proprietary system by which we encode and broadcast complex information so that it can be easily decoded, received, retained, and recalled by multiple target segments and archetypes.  Developed in real life, to meet real business needs, it translates the conceptual, operational and experiential model of your brand into a simplified system that can be easily received, understood, retained, and shared.

  • The essentials of the Brand Telegraphy®  system can be easily taught and used to great effect by your association, organization, or educational institution.
  • Reality Engine provides seminars and course content for Brand Telegraphy®.
  • Because the system is replicable and repeatable, Reality Engine can teach, coach, mentor and certify others who wish to white label and use the Brand Telegraphy® system for their own client base.

Brand Modelling

Solidify your brand.

Brand modelling is brand infrastructure.  Understand, define, and stress test your Brand.  Give your brand the foundation it needs to be a long lasting leader.

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Brands are not created in the lab, they are the result of ongoing real life interactions. We can’t create brands (no one can) but we influence them through our business model, our operations, our culture, our service, our products, our daily interactions, and our communications (yes, evaluate and deal with them in that order). But how do we do this in a unified, strategic manner? And how do we deal with external pressures, executive decisions and the myriad of other business realities that impact our brand every day? By taking the time to model our brand: conceptually and experientially.

Brand Modelling enhances our ability to predict the brand effects of strategic, operational and communication decisions, avoiding the “close your eyes, throw it out there, open one eye, see if it sticks” approach that we see all too often in the marketplace (unless of course, you’re one of the lucky few that has a huge budget, and the ability to crunch and interpret massive amounts of data).

Modelling also complements what if analysis, a/b or multivariate test design, stress test design, and a myriad of other analytical and problem solving tools.  As an added bonus, it can be used in situations of accelerated product or campaign deployment where real world testing is limited, impractical or impossible.

Example of where brand modelling comes into play:

  • New market entry  (verticals, horizontals, or geographical)
  • New product or service development and/or launch
  • Aggressive expansion plans
  • Mergers and acquisitions (business and cultural integration)
  • Onboarding (employee, client)
  • Visioning, strategic planning, core business evaluation

You already have what you need to model your brand at your fingertips. However, if you need assistance, Reality Engine has been using our proprietary Brand TelegraphyTM system to concisely model and then effectively articulate client brands for years. You can either engage us to conduct brand modelling and brand articulation with you, or we can teach you the essentials through seminars and course content.

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