Argyle FoxTM

Deploy, integrate, and manage any business stack imaginable.

Argyle FoxTM is a low code development platform used for the rapid deployment of integrated business stacks, internets, intranets and extranets. Built on the open source .NET development platform, Argyle FoxTM has many ‘out of the box’ features and applications, and is also used to connect discontinuous applications (“app soup”) within one unified ecosystem and central data repository.

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Administrator-controlled access to your documents for 1 to 10,000+ employees – in one place.

Re:vueTM is powerful file management through your own white labelled app. Upload, browse, and manage all of your files and users in one place.  Available through CMS and as a companion iOS app. No one views, prints or shares your files without your go ahead. Retain complete control over your organization because confidence is invaluable. 

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Manage winning projects in one place.

RAMTM is project victory, available as an add-on module for Argyle FoxTM subscribers. Keep track of your project deliverables, timelines, hours and expenses within your CMS.  Manage entire projects in one place. Pull reports on any project component straight from the system.  Keep it simple and relieve unnecessary project stress.  



Preserve and protect your corporate jewels.

AriesTM is intelligence conservation, available as an add-on module for Argyle FoxTM subscribers. Preserve and make the corporate jewels of your organization—such as key contacts, protocol, procedure, standards, onboard, training, sharing, developing and other intelligence—accessible through your website.  Lock up important, confidential intelligence with password protected web pages, user registry and editing access controls.  Don't let your corporate jewels disappear.

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