Andre Mamprin
Next Institute


Andre Mamprin is a student of both the art and the science of strategy, leadership, and innovation. His work in the last 10 years and 40,000 hours, with 30 organizations in 21 sectors, informed the development of The Smart Growth Algorithm™, a generative tool for enterprise to navigate complexity, reinvent, and create preferred futures with his clients.

As Leader of Knowledge Architecture at The Next Institute, along with his collaborators at in UpLift Studio Lab™, his work with organizations has created a foundation for renewal and created a platform for sustained and meaningful change.

Recently, Andre co-created and developed Insights Accelerator™ and Execution Hub™. These applications help organizations design and execute strategy in the digital space. Leadership, vision, and commitment are key to enterprise success in the current complex and volatile space.

He continues to exercise curiosity, learning and deep exploration as his leadership evolves.