The Importance of Trying Something New

 Aaron Salo - Developer


In the pursuit of technology, design, business or life in general we always have to stay open to trying new things. We must guard ourselves against the temptation to keep doing the same things the same ways because our world is constantly changing, and if we don’t evolve with it, we fade into the background.

We work in a fast changing industry. New ideas, if we are open to them, can keep us from becoming out of touch with the industry around us.  It’s difficult to keep up. As the technology that powers our industry advances at an accelerated pace, new opportunities for innovation in the way we interact and do business are emerging every second.

Each new opportunity brings the previously impossible and out of reach closer, empowering us to reach farther.  A new process makes an old task faster to complete.  A new library allows us to quickly and reliably execute a concept that would have previously required us to build everything from scratch. A new tool enables us to quickly mockup an idea to better communicate our concepts, so we can spend more time building our ideas. Each innovation we introduce, saves time for the future, empowering us to adapt and evolve. 

Because technology changes so quickly, what we consider to be modern and fresh right now is already turning stale and obsolete . We constantly have to stay vigilant as to what is being done around us and stay one step ahead of that. We all feed off of each other, each new idea presented is complemented by other innovators searching for a way to make it better. If we allow ourselves to simply keep up, we’re already left behind.

At the same time, it’s easy to get caught up in the competition, distracted by our desire to stay ahead of other innovators, and this can also endanger us to fade into the background.  While we need to be open to trying new things, we also have to be careful that we are not just doing new things for the sake of change. Every new idea and technology that is adopted needs to fill a purpose or actually produce a positive improvement otherwise we’re not moving forward with our world but are getting side tracked and it’ll leave us behind.

In order to move forward with our world we need to be open to change.  We can’t let ourselves get too attached, distracted or comfortable.  We should never be afraid of trying out a new idea to see if it will work, but at the same time we must be willing to accept our failures and let go of our previous successes so we can replace them with the next great innovation.