Brand and Identity

Krista Sylvester - Writer 


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “what’s the difference between a logo, an identity and a brand?”

Well, many of us treat them interchangeably, and while they are all interconnected, there are some major differences. If you build a strong identity based on reality then the brand will become more durable. Now, the logo is the outcome of a good brand and a strong identity but we will just focus on the latter two today.

So, what is a brand then? If I were to sum it up in just a few words, a brand is the relationship between an organization and an audience – but of course it is much more complex than that. Some people (wrongly) think that a brand is a name, a logo or a slogan, but a brand is the sum of the impressions you make on your audience and it can include a variety of things such as reputation - and perception. 

The thing is, you just can't brand something yourself because you want to, you have to build your brand through your reputation and through your relationship with your audience. Once you build a reputable brand, this becomes your foundation in the marketplace.

And that brings us to identity because without a strong, confident and authentic identity, you won’t often have a reputable and respectable brand.

Your identity is who you are, what you believe in and really, it should be the authentic you. You want your identity to be the why you are doing something; let your passion and confidence guide you.

Think of your identity as your moral compass that helps lead your decisions and it is made up of all of the things that make you tick, including:

  1. Your values – This is what leads you to make the right – and best – decisions every day.

  2. Your vision – This is your dreams and what you want to accomplish.

  3. Your mission – This is the path to how you plan to fulfill your dreams.

  4. Your passion – This is what makes your heart race and gets you excited to start the day.

  5. Your purpose – This is what you want to be known for at the end of the day.


And here is a little secret.

The more authentic you are to yourself and your moral compass then the more aligned your brand and identity will be. Imagine if your audiences believed in you and your brand as much as you do. It’s possible! When we’re not being true to our identity, our consumer pays the price through their experience with our brand.