Matrices & Logic Trees (not the name of a band - yet)

Alyssa Kelle - Designer


For the past few months I’ve been dreaming in matrices and logic trees. On Monday mornings, my co-worker Diana will ask me how my weekend was and I’ll find myself describing the x and y-axis of my latest mind-map. It’s a real thing, and Keanu Reeves has nothing to do with it.

When the average person imagines being trapped in a cell they might call to mind images of penitentiaries or fears of solitary confinement; a nightmare for so many, to be sure. My interpretation, on the other hand, doesn’t fill me with fear. When I spring up in bed it’s not from horror, but from the thrill of making a connection, of identifying a pattern, of noticing something for the first time.

I view design as a form of problem solving; how do we get people to read in the age of information overload? How do we market a product effectively? How do we impart knowledge? A lifelong student of information design, my approach to these problems involves affinity diagrams, tables, flow-charts and mind maps well before it does the tools of Photoshop. I believe that in order to clarify, we need to add data before we take it away.

My email signature labels me as a ‘graphic designer’, but my work consists of more than decoration. Even the finest optically letter-spaced typography won’t help if your information is in chaos. Content is king.

I take my job as a designer at Reality Engine very seriously, and if my dreams are any indication, it’s safe to say I take my work home with me. Should my career path lead me in a different direction however, you can look forward to hearing the hot new single from ‘Matrices & Logic Trees’ on the radio. Until then, I’ll be in my cell.