Army In A Box

Ezra Santos - Managing Director


Little green men, oh my!

Reality Engine’s 2015 "Army in a Box” campaign soft launches! If you’re old enough to remember those little green (or brown) plastic army men from your childhood, please give a silent salute to the inspiration behind this years “Army in a Box” campaign. Video, postcards and posters will start to trickle out over the summer, with the official launch in Fall 2015 via direct and online mediums. We hope you enjoy both the teaser and full length trailers. We had a lot of fun filming and producing them.

Off the shelf, we’re ready to go!

Special Forces Unit in a Box more accurately reflects the concept behind Reality Engine Army in a Box campaign, but it doesn’t quite have the same cachet. Or to use Reality Engine-speak: “it’s not as sexy, baby.” The campaign presents Reality Engine as an "off-the-shelf-ready-to-go” team of specialists (no training required).

Army in a Box Synopsis

Visual inspiration: WW1 and WW2 recruitment posters and postcards
Personality: Cheeky Canadian
Claim: From consulting to project completion, we take care of business from start to finish.
Objective: to capture market and claim territory for our clients